Prehispanic Market

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This website hopes to be a window to the pre-Hispanic world, its kitchens, ingredients, utensils, eating habits, the fascinating relationship between the ancient inhabitants their environment and their vision revolving around food. We want to appreciate centuries of knowledge, history and tradition. We are hoping we can bring joy to your kitchens and palates by sharing our love for the different Mexican pre-Hispanic cultures.

Mah anquipiah ce cualtzin cemilhuitl (Have a nice day)

Prehispanic Market

There is no more colorful, ancient or tastier experience than going to the tianguis (open-air market). It is a great public festival, native in origin and in essence. Close your eyes … imagine … Orderly organized on the ground and on mats the most varied and fresh vegetables lay. So fresh that it is a pleasure to see them. Tomatoes, tomatillos, beans of all sizes and colors, vegetable pear, Malabar gourds, nopal, squash and naturally, corn in grain or on the cob. Read more.


To talk about the ingredients of the Prehispanic kitchen, is to talk about an unimaginable world of flavors, fragrances and colors, such as corn, beans and chile, which prevail nowadays and which, for centuries, have been the staple of the diet of thousands of Mexicans. Read more.

Kitchen Utensils

Approximately four or five thousand years ago, the domestication of corn began, from its wild ancestor the teocinte. Since those distant times, appropriate stone instruments began to appear in Mesoamerica for the grinding of seeds. Read more.


The recipes that are presented here are intended to be 100% pre-Hispanic. By this we mean that the ingredients include none that arrived with the Spaniards. That is to say, that the ingredients are American. Read more.

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